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I have heard from many of you in response to the blog post (website notice) in regard to the opening of the studio.

Thank you for your supportive suggestions and replies so far but there is more!  Our studio and population are unique and we do not fit the model that other studios are using.  So let’s give this a go with an understanding that things may change!

I have decided the fairest way to “start” this process of reopening is to draw from current/active class pass holders. You know who you are and so far I have heard from about ⅓ of you.  If you have not responded please do so asap.  Let me know either way. I need to know 1. if you are ready to return and 2.your class preference, provide 1st and 2nd choices (see below for options!)

Once I have this information, I will schedule/assign individuals for a class time and do my best to accommodate requests!

I realize this does not immediately allow for those of you that have expressed an interest in returning but do not have a current pass or for the many visitors that have "dropped in" over the years. Please accept my apologies and know we will "cycle" you in as soon as we can work things out with pass holders.

~ There will be 4 class offerings, 6 students per class;

Tuesday 10am, Wednesday 5:30pm, Thursday 10am and Saturday 9am.

~ ALL 4 classes will be multilevel, yes, you “see” correctly, Yoga Joe’s is on hold as is the Thursday 2pm class.  May I reassure those of you that have only participated in these classes you are perfectly suited for a multilevel class!  If you have a desire to return please do not let the change deter you.  The classes will necessarily be different for all of us. We all come to our mat with the mind of a beginner, Everytime!

 Instruction will focus on enhancing or developing a personal practice.

~Students will be required to wear an appropriate mask, no gator style or bandanas

~Students must bring all props, mat, blankets, 2 blocks, strap

~ To decrease clutter leave extra bags, purses, phones in your car

~The studio will no longer be able to provide water, please bring your own.

~Bring a travel size hand sanitizer for your personal use

The re-opening of the studio will require that we be patient, responsible, and respectful of the process. 

When you respond, include your current phone number. Importantly DO NOT reply to this through the blog I will not get your message!

email me

or call 252-249-2220

Thank you for your patience!



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