An overdo Update!

Namaste' Yogis!
Well, March 30th has come and gone as has the month of April, here we are May 3rd! Our unprecedented public health crisis still looms. Governor Cooper has outlined 3 phases to begin to lift the "Stay at Home" order which is subject to change.   I honor his conservative, safe approach.  The Yoga Studio will remain closed at least through the month of May and we will revisit the situation at that time.  My proclamation has always been that the studio "belongs" to the dedicated yogis who attend classes there.  "It is your studio". With that in mind, we would love to hear thoughts and suggestions and what the "new" face of the studio might look like for you to feel safe to attend a class when the time is appropriate.  We have heard from a few of you, thank you!  Your individual responses will be held in confidence but I will post an outline of suggestions and together we will maintain our energetic, healing yoga community.
May you be Happy
May you be Healthy
May you be Secure
May you live in Peace and
May you awaken in the light of your true nature,
Hari Om Shanti, Hari Om Peace
Susan and Jessica

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