Holiday Schedule

No classes Dec 25th and 26th, 2019
No classes Jan 1st and 2nd, 2020

~ Susan's Shoulder injury update, because you have asked,
I would like to extend a heartfelt appreciation for all the love, concern, advise and shoulder stories that have come my way! Your loving support is paramount to the healing process, thank you!
The MRI of my shoulder showed tears in 2 of the 4 rotator cuff muscles and the labrum and a sizable deposit of calcium in a tendon...pretty messy.  I have had an Orthopedic consult, Steroid (cortisone) injection in the joint and am in the skilled and able hands of Jan Laguardia, PT., for conservative management.   Surgery has been mentioned.......

~ As of NOW, the class schedule will continue as is, I will post any changes on the website and put a note on the door if there are any changes in the schedule related to appointments that may come up.  Please keep an eye on the website for last-minute changes.

May your holiday be filled with love, laughter, and peace!
Thank you for your patronage and support of The Yoga Studio, it is our honor to extend the teachings and discipline of yoga to our community!

Susan and Jessica

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