Yoga Philosophy - Ahimsa

The Yamas of yoga as described by the Indian Sage Patanjali, refer to social ethics.  The Yamas represent one limb of the eight-limbed path of Ashtanga Yoga.  This and following posts will review each of these tenets.
Mandala, Art, Design, Pattern, OrnamentThe first yama, Ahimsa, is the ethic of non-violence.  To practice Ahimsa means to not harm oneself or another physically, verbally, or mentally.  In a more positive sense, adhering to ahimsa means loving and respecting all creation.  On the yoga mat, Ahimsa is the practice of accepting your body's capabilities and moving with awareness to avoid injury.  Practice to a comfortable edge and listen to the body's messages which will allow you to explore deeper or more difficult postures but will keep you from injuring yourself.

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