A New Year, a New Name, New fee options and a New teacher!

We are slowly making changes on the website, check them out!  There are new fee options to accommodate the busy lifestyles of our students and to recruit new students.

Many of you know we have recruited a new teacher, Jessica Burroughs, she completed her Yoga Teacher training in October 2015. She has taught a few classes already and her instruction was superb! As we come into the new year she will offer her teaching the 2nd and 4th Wednesday evening class. We are thrilled to have her be a regular part of the scheduled classes.

Finally....after reviewing over 100 suggested names.....many were simple and straight forward, a few were "deep" and reflective, some included logos, and some were just plain silly, what fun!  The names were  submitted by over 22  eager yogis (boys) and yoginis (girls), some with multiple entries and some were anonymous! I would like to give tribute to one thoughtful metaphorical entry. I will paraphrase, she wrote, "I am not a sailor but I love sailing metaphors.  I kept thinking of how a sail has to open to embrace the wind, so my idea was Unfurl Yoga or Yoga Unfurled.  I so appreciate how you always ask us to set an intention. That really helps me a lot! it usually has to do with 'release' or 'embrace' (which makes me think of a sail).
The selection committee had quite a job and we appreciated all the submitted names.  We selected a name that was obvious and simple and anonymous!  But since this was a contest with a prize we wanted to recognize the runners-up with a shared prize. Chris Root for coming up with a name Your Yoga and Sharon Forman for designing a logo.  It was a close call.........drum roll...the new name for the studio is....
Click here to see the new name and logo

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