Lunch with a 10 Year Old Boy

is no ordinary lunch......a tall glass of ice water with lemon squeezed in it is transformed into an intergalactic ocean. The lemon wedge becomes the mother ship that must be righted and stabilized to sit on the ice berg (ice chips). The explorer pods (seeds) that have drifted to the deepest corners of the ocean must be retrieved and returned to the mother ship. Fortunately there is an instrument for the retrieval, a long, clear ( so you can see the transit) cylindrical tube, (straw), it requires precision suction for the successful retrieve and deposit maneuver. With diligence, the mission is successful, pods have been returned to the safety of the mother ship, lives have been saved, discoveries have been made, life is good! Dun, dun, dun....until the tsunami hits ( the waitress moves the glass of water to put your plate down).
Hunger takes over, the mother ship is lost!

Cherish the time you spend with your grandchildren! Susan

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Anonymous said...

Just like a little boy!