Using Herbs and Spices (Instead of Salt)

Begin with small amounts to make sure that you like them.

Basil: Use in soups,salads,vegetables,fish,and meats.

Cinnamon: Use in salads,vegetables,breads,and snacks.

Chili Powder: Use in soups,salads,vegetables,and fish.

Cloves: Use in soups,salads,and vegetables.

Dill Weed and Dill Seed: Use in fish,soups,salads,and vegetables.

Ginger: Use in soups,salads,vegetables,and meats.

Marjoram: Use in soups,salads,vegetables,beef,fish,and chicken.

Nutmeg: Use in vegetables,meats,and snacks.

Oregano: Use in soups,salads,vegetables,meats,and chicken.

Parsley: Use in salads,vegetables,fish,and meats.

Rosemary: Use in salads,vegetables,fish,and meats.

Sage: Use in soups,salads,vegetables,meats,and chicken.

Thyme: Use in salads,vegetables,fish,and chicken.

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