Feta Bruschetta

Need a quick and easy side dish for a meal.

6-8 cherry or plum tomatoes cut in half
2 thick slices of whole grain bread
½ cup crumbled feta cheese
½ tbsp chopped tarragon
Cracked pepper
EV Olive Oil

Lightly pre-cook the tomatoes in the oven or frying pan with in a little olive oil until they start to collapse. Combine tomatoes, feta and tarragon in a bowl. Add pepper and olive oil to taste.

Brush the bread with olive oil and brown one side in a frying pan and flip. Spoon ingredients on top of browned side of bread. Cook until underside is brown and serve warm.

There is plenty of room here for personal preferences. You can change up any of the ingredients or add other ingredients like black olives or sweet onions to suit your tastes. Or you may want to toast the bread in a toaster and then add the ingredients.

1-2 Servings.
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