Nutrition Facts Labels

The FDA uses Daily Values (DVs) for food labeling. DVs for the following macronutrients are Daily Reference Values (DRVs) for people 4 years or older, eating 2,000 calories per day:
  • Total Fat                     65 g
  • Saturated Fatty Acids  20 g
  • Cholesterol               300 mg
  • Sodium                   2400 mg
  • Total Carbohydrate  300 g
  • Fiber                         25 g
  • Protein                      50 g
If you are just getting started reading the Nutrition Facts then start with the Serving Size. Always check the serving size of the food item and compare it to the actual amount that you will eat. I am sure there will be some surprises. If you will be eating more or less than the serving size listed, you will need to do some simple math on the rest of the Nutrition Facts. For example, if the serving size on the Nutrition Facts label is ½ cup and you are consuming 1 cup of the item, you’ll need to double the information on the Nutrition Facts label. Awareness leads to enlightenment.  For more on understanding labels visit => FDA

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