Yoga Studio Class Descriptions

~Multi-level - on-going; drop-ins welcome
This class is a guided yoga practice at various levels, from beginner to advanced. With increased awareness that comes through practice, you begin to understand and respond to the needs of your body and observe your mind.

~Therapeutic Yoga - on-going; drop-ins welcome
This class is similar to the multi-level classes in format, presented at a slower pace. The emphasis is on stretching, strengthening and balancing the whole body. It is designed for but not limited to beginners or individuals recovering from an illness or surgery. Seasoned athletes often attend this class to augment their training.

~Technique Class - on-going; drop-ins welcome
This class follows the same format as the multi-level classes but with an emphasis on a particular posture. Students request a posture to be presented at the class. While all classes offer guidance, this class has a more "instructional feel", leaving time for questions and individual assistance. As with all classes at the Yoga Studio, classes are designed to fit the needs of beginner and advanced students.

~Beginner Basics - pre-register for each session
This class offers a comprehensive training program to introduce Hatha Yoga techniques, theory and practice. It is a 6-week session, with a 90 minute class each week. The class is structured for students that are new to yoga as well as a review for those with an established practice.

~Yoga for Back Care- pre-register for each session
This instructional class offers a comprehensive approach to a healthy back through Hatha Yoga. There is an emphasis on postural alignment, pelvic stability and strengthening the core of the body to relieve chronic back pain. This 2 hour program is offered 4 times a year..

~Private Sessions
Consider a consultation to determine what class will best suit your needs or if you have special interests or concerns about taking a yoga class. Sessions are individualized to enhance your practice. This one-on-one time is invaluable.

~Planning a Wedding?
Treat yourself and your wedding party to an energizing yet relaxing yoga class. Weddings can be very stressful, Yoga will get your day started with a healthy dose of calm! Arrangements can be made to fit your busy schedule.