My most difficult post...Closing The Yoga Studio

 Dear Yogis, 

    Over the past fifteen years, as a community of yogis, we have lovingly shared in learning, laughing, and healing. There have been tears of joy and sadness. We have shared lots of sweaty hugs and well wishes. We have welcomed many visitors to our studio as there are no strangers in the yoga world, we are one! There have been retreats and many workshops as we hosted teachers from near and far. A special appreciation goes to our "resident" Kundalini master, HarDarshan Kaur Khalsa who provided us with her teachings for more than 10 years. It comes with great pride that two fabulous teachers had their beginning at the studio, Juli Saylor and Jessica Mayo, may you always remember your home studio and continue to light the way for others for years to come. 

 I don't know about you but I have had a blast! My heart is full... I am grateful beyond words to have been a part of this community venture and to share the ancient science and discipline of yoga with you.  

    Thank you to each of you for your years of patronage, love, support, and the willingness to share your time with me. I will miss seeing each of you regularly but look forward to seeing you around town and along the path.

    AND now....Sadly, with the uncertainty of the current public health concern and the inability to re-open the studio for almost 8 months, I have been prompted to close the studio permanently. A decision that was not made lightly but is without regret because it is the appropriate thing to do.

    The timing and circumstance to close were not of our choosing but Dick and I do look forward to whatever comes next! 

    Take a deep breath, bring your hands to the heart center in Anjali mudra, honoring loving kindness meditation,

May you be happy,

May you be healthy,

May you be secure,

May you live in peace and

May you awaken in the light of your true nature.

 Bow to the teacher within...Namaste'🙏

Love and Peace,

Susan and Dick

ps. Dick Jacksland, the one who makes me laugh out loud everyday!  Always behind the scene, without his belief in my ability and encouraging me to fulfill my dream the studio would never have been a reality, Thank you!

A few words from Jessica,

Susan has shared the tradition of Yoga with so many of us over the last 15 years.  I am honored to have participated in a small part of this journey! For those who do not remember or know, Susan had to "encourage" me to teach.  Little did I know at the time, how wonderful that decision would become, or how much all of you would warm my heart along the way. I said to her just the other day, "...the studio is where I grew up..". I am extremely grateful that I had the opportunity to embark on the process of self-discovery (aka Yoga) with the support of our loving community and my dear friend and teacher, Susan Koepp.  I can not think of a better place to have "grown-up" than right here with all of you! 


Studio remains closed at this time


It was with earnest that I set out to re-open the yoga studio. Safety measures were in place, a schedule was prepared to accommodate the reduced number of people in the space/and in each class.  The space was lean and spiffy to allow for unobstructed movement through the space.   The Open House was well received and it was wonderful to see the smiling "eyes" (yogis wore masks) ascend the stairs eager to be back in the studio!  However, as I continued to contemplate our situation, my thoughts shifted.  I have concluded, in spite of efforts to re-open, it is in the best interest of the yoga community that the studio remains closed at this time.  I will keep you posted.

Thank you for your patience and support.

Just so you know!

 Notifications of which class you have been assigned to attend is in progress as I write this.  We have done our very best to accommodate each of your requests,  working around individual travel plans, self quarantines, and those who think they may want to join at a later date. The task has been a challenge but as I have said all along we have to start somewhere! As it has worked out you will be attending class with the same people which has its advantages in the "contacts" world. I'm calling it your "yoga pod" some are using the word bubble!

I ask for your patience and flexibility.  Please send a quick response that you have received your notification.  We hope to see you at the Open House!

Again, our apologies for not allowing walk-ins at this time but stay tuned!


It's Happening!

 The Yoga Studio is ready to open BUT there are some changes!  The biggest, necessary change is the limited number of students (6). In response to requests from the students who have a current/active pass, we have assigned days for attendance.  For privacy, I will individually email students with their scheduled day to attend class. 

At this time there will be NO walk-ins.

Important dates:

Open House- Come see the "new" look! 

Friday, October 2nd   10a-12p and 3-5p

Saturday, October 3rd   10a-12p

 Importantly, we are asking ANYONE who has stored a mat/props at the studio to please pick them up during the Open House even if you are scheduled for a class or are not planning to return at this time. We need the area as unobstructed as possible. Masks are required to enter the studio.

Classes Start Tuesday, October 6th!

See you soon!

Susan and Jessica


Schedule for attendance!


I have heard from many of you in response to the blog post (website notice) in regard to the opening of the studio.

Thank you for your supportive suggestions and replies so far but there is more!  Our studio and population are unique and we do not fit the model that other studios are using.  So let’s give this a go with an understanding that things may change!

I have decided the fairest way to “start” this process of reopening is to draw from current/active class pass holders. You know who you are and so far I have heard from about ⅓ of you.  If you have not responded please do so asap.  Let me know either way. I need to know 1. if you are ready to return and 2.your class preference, provide 1st and 2nd choices (see below for options!)

Once I have this information, I will schedule/assign individuals for a class time and do my best to accommodate requests!

I realize this does not immediately allow for those of you that have expressed an interest in returning but do not have a current pass or for the many visitors that have "dropped in" over the years. Please accept my apologies and know we will "cycle" you in as soon as we can work things out with pass holders.

~ There will be 4 class offerings, 6 students per class;

Tuesday 10am, Wednesday 5:30pm, Thursday 10am and Saturday 9am.

~ ALL 4 classes will be multilevel, yes, you “see” correctly, Yoga Joe’s is on hold as is the Thursday 2pm class.  May I reassure those of you that have only participated in these classes you are perfectly suited for a multilevel class!  If you have a desire to return please do not let the change deter you.  The classes will necessarily be different for all of us. We all come to our mat with the mind of a beginner, Everytime!

 Instruction will focus on enhancing or developing a personal practice.

~Students will be required to wear an appropriate mask, no gator style or bandanas

~Students must bring all props, mat, blankets, 2 blocks, strap

~ To decrease clutter leave extra bags, purses, phones in your car

~The studio will no longer be able to provide water, please bring your own.

~Bring a travel size hand sanitizer for your personal use

The re-opening of the studio will require that we be patient, responsible, and respectful of the process. 

When you respond, include your current phone number. Importantly DO NOT reply to this through the blog I will not get your message!

email me

or call 252-249-2220

Thank you for your patience!




 Hey yogis,

Just so you know, You MUST call or text the studio telephone or use my personal email for me to get information.  If you responded to The Yoga Studio from the blog,  I will NOT get your answer, so if this is you, please resend your response.  A head count is imperative for coordinating the re-opening.


Thank you for your patience!